Our candle fragrance strength rating explained.

To help our customers choose the perfect candle fragrance, we’ve put together a candle fragrance strength rating. What is it? It’s a simple rating so our customers can understand how a candle fragrance will perform once lit. Why do we rate our candle fragrances? Have you ever purchased a candle and been underwhelmed when lighting […]

How to clean your wax melt burner , In six basic steps

So, you’ve purchased your luxury wax melts and picked your favourite wax melt burner, but do you know how to clean your wax melt burner when your melt needs replacing? We’ve put together a very quick guide for all of you that are new to the wonderful world of wax melts. Each wax melt pot […]

Candle care: because even luxurious flames need TLC!

Welcome to the world of exquisite luxury soy candles! Our handcrafted creations are designed to infuse your space with a sense of opulence and envelop you in feel-good home fragrance. To ensure an enchanting experience, here are some candle care tips: 1. Pre-lighting prep: Before igniting your candle, take a moment to indulge in the […]

Embracing summer vibes: A guide to using candles in the summer.

Ah, summer—a time of warmth, sunshine, and vibrant energy. While candles are often associated with cosy winter nights, they can also play a delightful role in elevating your summer experience. From creating a relaxing ambience to warding off pesky insects, candles can enhance your summer moments and infuse them with a touch of magic. In […]

Pumpkin Patch Large Candle

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