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Discover the epitome of luxury with our exceptional long-lasting wax melts. Crafted for those who demand the finest, our wax melts are meticulously designed to deliver an unforgettable sensory experience and fill every corner of the room. Immerse your space in captivating fragrances that linger, creating an ambience that truly packs a punch. Elevate your surroundings with the essence of opulence and sophistication that only our premium wax melts can provide.

Black Jasmine Wax Melt

Black jasmine is one of our most premium, luxurious and expensive fragrance oils that we use. A fusion of enchanting floral notes and deep musky undertones. Let the alluring

Coconut Wax Melt

Coconut Wax Melts. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of pure coconut essence, as its creamy notes whisk you away to pristine

Rosewood & Velvet Moss

the perfect balance of floral and earthy tones with our rosewood and velvet moss Candle. The rich and aromatic rosewood combines with the lush and velvety moss,

Fig & Vetiver Wax Melt

wild fig and vetiver wax melts, where the sweet and juicy essence of wild figs intertwines with the earthy and mysterious notes of vetiver

Introducing our highly fragranced and long-lasting Wax Melts – the ultimate choice for a powerful home fragrance experience. Crafted with premium fragrance oils and the highest-grade natural soy wax, these melts are designed to pack a punch, filling your space with captivating scents that linger for hours.

The ultimate luxury wax melt subscription that lets you discover a new seasonal fragrance every month. Each month, you’ll receive 6 wax melt pots delivered straight to your doorstep, free delivery, exclusive members-only offers and rewards, 


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Pumpkin Patch Large Candle

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