To help our customers choose the perfect candle fragrance, we’ve put together a candle fragrance strength rating.

What is it?

It’s a simple rating so our customers can understand how a candle fragrance will perform once lit.

Why do we rate our candle fragrances?

Have you ever purchased a candle and been underwhelmed when lighting it? Did the candle smell great in the shop, but disappointing when lit? Or did you light a candle and instantly blow it out because it was overpowering? Choosing the right fragrance and the right candle strength is important, especially when you’re forking out for an expensive candle. This is why we have put together a simple fragrance rating so you can be sure to buy the right candle.

Things to consider when purchasing a soy candle:

  1. Do you like your candles highly fragranced or subtle and delicate?

  2. Where will the candle live? How big is the room?

  3. What are you using your candle for? Entertaining, a hot bubble bath, a romantic meal?

These questions will help evaluate whether you would like one of our strongest-smelling candles or our moderate scented candles.

Every fragrance is different

Every candle fragrance is different and they act in different ways when lit or unlit.

Some candle fragrances offer a subtle relaxing scent, some linger for hours, while others pack a punch. We recommend subtle fragrances for smaller rooms or for those who don’t like strong candles. If you have a larger room or prefer your candles strong, then a stronger scented candle is required. To make life easy and simplify your candle purchase, we have put together a fragrance strength rating.

Fragrance strength rating explained:

1 = light/subtle

2 = moderate

3 = strong

Rating 1 is perfect for all occasions, small to medium rooms, or for those who prefer subtle aromas. It’s generally a softer fragrance that lingers in the air. Candles rated 1 have a stronger hot throw than cold throw.

Rating 2 is perfect for small, medium or large rooms and any occasion. A moderate fragrance strength that will fill a room and linger in the air for hours. Rating 3 offers a good cold and hot scent throw

Rating 3 is perfect for medium to large rooms. Rating 3 is our highest fragrance rating and really does pack a punch. Rating 3 is generally used for our most premium fragrance oils. Rating 3 offers a strong cold and hot scent throw. If you like your candles strong, then rating 3 is for you.

Let’s mix it up a little

You will see some of our candles don’t have a single rating. For example, some are rated 2/3 or 1/2. This is because the fragrance strength sits somewhere in between both ratings. In a nutshell, a candle rated 2/3 means the fragrance strength is moderate to strong.

Would you like to find out what the strongest candle is? Check out these with a rating of 3. Black jasmine 

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